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The Pelican Preserve Amateur Radio Club is an organization made up of licensed Amateur Radio operators or those interested in becoming licensed. We are currently constructing a station with HF/VHF/UHF capabilities at the Brokke Center that will be available for use by all members.

We are dedicated to providing a fun and inclusive environment for all of our members. Our station will offer SSB, CW and some digital modes on HF. The VHF/UHF station will provide FM and DMR capabilities. We also plan on providing remote access capabilities for HF.

Our "Leadership Committee" currently has four members: Ron Ketchum W2RDK, Dale Gosney KJ4YDI, Jennifer Nisenoff KO4VYT and Jim Blocker KF5IW. This committee is currently architecting and building the station, recruiting members and raising funds. If you are a licensed Radio Amateur or are interested in Ham Radio, please join us!

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